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We are dedicated to delivering services that meet the requirements and anticipations of our clientele about quality, efficiency, and security by cultivating an organizational culture that educates and advances. Barges, refined product boats, and (partially laden) very large crude carriers (VLCCs) for crude oil are loaded and unloaded.

Quest tank petroleum storage terminal at a Glance, at year end 2023​​

At ports around the world, Quest Tank petroleum storage terminal is dedicated to deliver the safe, reliable, and efficient storage
of essential products for everyday life.

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Learn about our Quest Tank petroleum storage terminal, and values

The world-class Quest Tank petroleum storage terminal is an onshore oil storage facility with a 35.2 million CBM storage capacity. It is situated in the growing port of TEPPCO in Midland Texas, in the United States of America and Europoort Rotterdam, Netherlands. The mission of Quest Tank petroleum storage terminal is to provide efficient, dependable, and safe storage for necessities for daily living.

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This is our role in the energy industry

We accept and broaden our position as catalysts and facilitators of constructive change as the globe transitions to a sustainable economy. As a matter of fact, we are actively forming the foundation for a sustainable future through the advancement of collaborations that quicken the creation of infrastructure for alternative energy sources. This article focuses on sustainable feedstocks, long-term energy storage, ammonia, CO2, and hydrogen with zero or low carbon.

We are concentrating on novel infrastructure solutions in the fields of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen (ammonia, liquid hydrogen, LOHC), CO2, sustainable feedstocks, and long duration energy storage in order to actively contribute to the launch of future essential products. These essential items of the future are all around us: hydrogen, which can be used to store and convey renewable energy, flow batteries, which store clean power, and sustainable transport fuels for airplanes.