Who we are

Quest Tank petroleum storage terminal offers infrastructure solutions for storing necessities that improve daily living at ports all over the world, around-the-clock. We’ve been engaged in this for a number of years.

We facilitate global progress

The mission of Quest Tank petroleum storage terminal is to provide efficient, dependable, and safe storage for necessities for daily living. We have been building relationships with companies and communities for more than four centuries, always enhancing our services. Our bright individuals propel the world’s transition to a sustainable future by fostering alliances that quicken the creation of infrastructure solutions for emerging energy sources. We accept our responsibility as a vital link in international supply chains and fulfill our commitment each and every day. We look for the best infrastructure solution for our more than 1,000 clients in order to support their growth and open up new avenues. Through the Quest Tank petroleum storage terminal We Connect Foundation, we assist regional development activities, further serving the communities in which we operate.

We are adept at conducting business globally and with an eye toward the future thanks to our worldwide storage infrastructure and dynamic collaborations. We accept and grow in our role as catalysts and facilitators of constructive change, assuming accountability for addressing global issues like the energy transition and guaranteeing supply security in several markets and places. One thing unites all of the many liquids and gases we handle and store: in the end, they will be sent somewhere to contribute to the global economy, at the appropriate time and location. We will continue to foster the worldwide flow of ideas and technologies that will enable, as well as the global flow between supply and demand, across generations and cultures.

Our Strategy - Shaping the future

Quest Tank petroleum storage terminal, a stand-alone infrastructure supplier with a global network and over 35 joint venture partners, is actively shaping a sustainable future. We are in favor of consistent, long-term cash flow production and want to grow our network of industrial, LNG, and LPG facilities. With an emphasis on long-duration energy storage, ammonia, CO2, low-carbon and renewable hydrogen, and sustainable fuels and feedstocks, we support the energy transition.

Our moral compass and our values

It is essential that our workers, subcontractors, and partners in joint ventures comprehend and uphold the following five values, and these principles are ingrained in our supplier code, code of conduct, performance-review procedures, and policies. They act as our moral compass and guide our decision-making.

  • Care for safety, health, and environment
  • Integrity
  • Team spirit
  • Commitment
  • Agility